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Wondering how you can help keep your soil and grass healthy and thriving? Read our blogs to learn a few of the tips, tricks, and DIY hacks that we have learned over the years that can help you take better care of your lawn.

lawn mowing grass stripes
How To Add Stripes To Your Lawn

As Tommy mentioned on a recent radio show, anyone can have stripes on the lawn. The stripes you see are caused by light reflecting off the blades of grass. The grass has not been cut at a different height. It’s not a difference in the type of grass.

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Flowering Crape Myrtle
How to Prune Your Crape Myrtle

Have you seen the “Crape Murder” happening across the Triad? It happens every spring! People believe that they are properly pruning their plants but instead, they are not only making them unsightly, but they are also harming them!

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Grass covered in snow
Can Snow Damage Your Lawn?

Winter finally arrived in the Piedmont Triad, leaving our lawns covered in a blanket of snow, sleet, and a little freezing rain. The effects of snow on your lawn are usually not a problem. However, as that snow thaws, a fungal disease called Snow Mold can occur.

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