Fall Lawn Care Checklist

Raking leaves as part of fall lawn care

As fall temperatures set in, many of us are tempted to put the lawn off until spring in favor of football, school, and other fall activities. Before you shut down for the winter, I wanted to give you a few ‘last minute’ items to do. Why these items are important? Well, they are what will set you apart from the neighbors in the spring when everyone will want the greenest lawn first! So, invest a little now. Or, if you are a GrowinGreen customer, just sit back while your Field Manager takes care of it for you.

Here are the keys to a beautiful lawn in the spring:

1. Late fall fertilization

The green color in the spring comes from the fertilizer in the late fall and winter which is stored as carbohydrates. By fertilizing the lawn heavily this time of year with a biologically enhanced fertilizer, it reduces the amount of fertilizer needed next spring and helps the lawn green up faster. It also gives the young seedlings the last boost they need to harden off for the winter.

2. If we performed your fall seeding, we are reseeding any bare and thin areas now. 

There is still time this fall to get some roots down by the winter and a big jump on the spring. Seeding in the spring never works! So, don’t wait because you will definitely regret it.

3. Keep your newly seeded lawn from drying out. 

We have been fairly dry this fall and as the cooler temperatures roll in, it is important that you keep some moisture in your lawn to protect the roots from becoming dry and brittle. Even though the air is a little cold, there are still roots growing down below. It does not require daily watering. If the lawn gets two good, deep waterings per week, it will be fine!

4. By now, I suspect that everyone has mowed their newly seeded lawn at least once. 

It is important to be sure you have a sharp mowing blade and does not remove more than a third of the blade at a time. It’s also important to keep leaves and debris off the lawn by using a blower instead of using a rake. A blower is much gentler and will not disturb the tender, new plants like a rake will. Remember, that the more sunlight, the better!

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