Common Lawn Care Myths Explained

Healthy Green Grass

Every year we have potential customers who tell us the same thing – I’ve worked hard but I’m just not getting the results that I want.  Having a great lawn isn’t rocket science but, it is about doing the right thing – at the right time. And if you have a lawn care service – it’s a partnership between yourself and that service provider. Each one performing their duty.  In the Piedmont Triad, growing tall fescue is very difficult if both parties are not doing their part.

To assist you in your success, here are a couple of the biggest lawn care myths that can make or break your success this season:

Mow Your Grass As Short As Possible So You Don't Have To Mow It As Often

It’s simple – never remove more than a 1/3 at a time. Grass will regrow 1/3 of 2 inches faster than it will 1/3 of 4 inches. But the real concern is the damage to your turf.  When you chop off more than 1/3 of the grass blade – you stunt the root growth.  Lawns that are mowed short (2.5 inches or less) are more prone to stresses such as insects, fungi, and drought.  Lawns mowed at 3-4 inches (after cut) have been shown in University Studies to have double the root mass, which means a lower water bill during the summer and less stress.  Another benefit of mowing higher is fewer weeds or crabgrass pressure. This photo from a study at N.C State University shows how important mowing height is in managing your weeds!

When It Comes To Lawn Fertilizer—If One Bag Is Good, Two Bags Is Better

We’ve had customers sign up with us and then put down extra fertilizer themselves! Thinking this will give them an extra thick green lawn – they couldn’t be more wrong.  All of our programs are based on a scientific approach using the latest information from NC State University, our own in-house research program, years of experience, and a systematic plan formulated specifically for lawns in the Piedmont Triad.  If you put down extra, not only can it be harmful, but it’s a waste of money.  You can potentially burn up the lawn or have it growing so much it uses all its energy in top growth.  Again, this makes the grass more prone to stresses just like cutting off more than 1/3 of the grass blade.  Our fertilizing program is designed to provide the proper amount of food needed for your lawn to recover from fighting heat stress, fungus, and insects all based on a soil test. If you were sick, would you recover better with a properly planned well-balanced nutrition program based on a prescription or one trip to the buffet a few times a year?

I Need To Constantly Water My Lawn

We saved this one for last because, if you take care of the first two points – your need for water should be minimal. Tall fescue is the most drought-tolerant cool-season grass we have and once established, will survive just about anything! Don’t get me wrong, proper water will definitely help your lawn perform better, but most people drown their lawn thinking “more is better”, and just like with fertility along with that mentality comes the consequences of short roots, fungus, insects, and a higher water bill!

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