The GrowinGreen Difference

So what actually sets GrowinGreen apart from other lawn care companies? On top of our unique soil-based approach and guaranteed results, here are some things that make our GrowinGreen team so special:

Inspecting grass

Our Focus On Lawn Care Year-Round

One thing that makes us unique is that we do not mow, landscape, or remove snow like most traditional companies in our industry. Year-round, we remain focused on the services we do offer. Not only are we extremely busy with our current services, but we believe that this narrow focus allows us to be the best in our industry. Instead of having to constantly shift gears, we are able to stay focused on the little things that make us stand out above our competitors.

Our Continued Education For Team Members

We invest a lot of resources into the tools that are required to provide the best lawn care. We want to ensure that our employees are the most qualified professionals as well as have access to the best equipment in the industry. While we constantly train throughout the year, the winter provides the best time to truly engage in training so that we can produce the best product for our customers.

Our Commitment To Protecting The Environment

We recently attended a training seminar to learn about pesticide safety. This included the safety of our bee population. The concern about the declining honey bee population, also known as pollinators, has been a recent topic in the news. GrowinGreen is committed to protecting our environment and the beneficial creatures that make nature work in harmony. A healthy lawn and landscape can not only be achieved while protecting the environment but it can also improve upon it. We have used the data from these trainings to adjust our programs. We want to reduce the risk to our pollinators by adopting newer, safer technology. This includes focusing on the timing of application for harmful insects so that the hard-working pollinators are not affected.

Our Dedication To Our Local Community

Serving local communities in both North and South Carolina, we want to make sure to give back to our local community. Part of that has been doing service projects. Visit our community involvement page to learn more.