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Successful Lawn Care Programs – Our Philosophy

GrowinGreen has an advantage over our national competitors when it comes to how we develop our lawn care programs – though only 15-miles apart, lawns in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville and Burlington are uniquely different not only in soils and grass types but, their micro-climates. A micro-climate is a local atmospheric zone where the climate differs from the surrounding area. For example, an area as small as a garden bed or, as large as a few square miles can qualify for this title. At GrowinGreen, we understand micro-climates.  They greatly effect the way we care for your lawn and the products we will use to accomplish your goals.

We have two turfgrass scientists on staff from NC State University (NCSU) –  Jonathan Rigsbee, CEO and Tommy Cowett, MA, Agronomist.  They monitor the ever-changing Triad weather and make weekly adjustments to ensure your lawn gets exactly what it needs to not only survive but – to thrive.  Unlike our national one-size fits all competitors, every decision about the products GrowinGreen uses is based on NCSU data & research coupled with that of our own in-house researchers who bring over 50-years of local experience to our clients. Jon and Tommy are proud to be the only local or national company to have their own research plots to test whether or not what a product claims is applicable for local real world lawns.

At GrowinGreen, we’re committed to nurturing the health of your lawn and family. We believe that anything used for a customers’ lawn should first be used on our own. This is why our company mascot and family pet – Clover – must put her “Paw of Approval” on every program we offer.

Inspiring You to Love Your Lawn – Our Scientific Approach

The Piedmont Triad is located in the “transitional zone”. Simply, we can grow almost every grass type available but none are without their advantages and disadvantages. They are broken down into two basic categories – Cool Season and Warm Season. Tall Fescue and Bluegrass are Cool Season varieties while Bermuda and Zoysia are Warm Season grasses.

Cool Season grasses grow best in the spring and fall, may show signs of heat stress in the summer and will remain green throughout most of the winter. Warm Season grasses are slow to green-up in the spring, grow best in the summer and go dormant in the winter.  At GrowinGreen, we have a vast knowledge of both cool season and warm season turf – especially, Bermuda and Zoysia which are becoming more popular for our customers in Burlington, Elon College and areas south of Greensboro (i.e., Lexington and Thomasville).

Every GrowinGreen program begins and is built around a soil test. Our proprietary blend of biologically enhanced products focus on a roots first approach. We believe in taking care of the soil and then the soil will take care of the grass. We have different programs for different grass types. When we walk your property to assess your needs – we identify the grass type and consult with you about what program will work best for your lawn type.

As stated above, we have a variety of grass types in the Piedmont Triad. To learn more about yours, see the grass descriptions below. To learn more about the associated program – click the image next to appropriate description.

Cool Season Grasses
Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is one of the most flexible, durable grasses available. Handling heat and drought better than other cool-season grasses and is traffic tolerant. Identifiable by its wide leaf blades that have equal-sized veins.
Advantages – High Wear Tolerance, Heat & Drought Tolerance, Disease Resistant
Disadvantages – Significant Water, Susceptible to Brown Patch

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is deep green with a velvety texture and is traffic tolerant. Identifiable by its canoe-shaped leaf tip and prominent midrib (vein) that runs up the middle of the blade. Advantages – Spreads & Heals Itself, Cold & Drought Tolerance Disadvantages – Significant Water, Not Shade Tolerant


Warm Season Grasses

Bermuda is aggressive & durable and handles traffic & drought well. Identifiable by its coarse texture and aggressive above ground roots (stolons); it thrives in summer heat but can become invasive if not properly maintained.
Advantages – Thrives in Heat, Drought & High Traffic Tolerant
Disadvantages – Golden Color in Winter State, Poor Cold Tolerance, Hard to Kill


Zoysia is the ‘Cadillac of Lawn Grass’ due to its dark green color, density, low growth habit and higher price. This grass cannot be neglected for long periods of time and needs sun. If maintained properly can be the envy of any neighborhood.
Advantages – High Wear, Heat & Drought Tolerance
Disadvantages – Golden Color in Winter State, Slow to Establish, Medium-High Maintenance, Expensive


Centipede is slow growing but aggressive. Doesn’t require frequent mowing. Surface runners are easily controlled around borders. Doesn’t enter a true winter dormancy and is severely injured by intermittent cold and warm periods.
Advantages – Low Maintenance, Shade & Drought Tolerance
Disadvantages – Low Cold Tolerance, Slow to Establish, Maintenance Required


Here’s what a few of our customers in Greensboro & Winston-Salem have to say about their experience with GrowinGreen’s Lawn Care Programs:

“I have wanted to contact you to tell you how much I LOVE the way the yard is looking!  My husband cut the grass and it smelled like grass!  I cannot thank you enough for giving my lawn what it needs. We’ve lived here 15 years and never had this beautiful looking grass before. And — I’ve had lawn services before, who were obviously worthless. Thanks again and keep up the great work!”C. Kayhko, Greensboro NC     May 2014

“My wife and I moved into our new home in Winston-Salem just a few years ago, and our yard was a mess. After miserable failures trying to revitalize our lawn myself, I got in touch with GrowinGreen. It could not have been a better decision. Not only are they easy to work with and affordable, but the quality of the results cannot be argued with. In just a few short months, the lawn went from awful to amazing. I also very much enjoyed being informed of what is actually being done at each visit, with specific instructions about how to best care for the grass. Our neighbors all comment on what great work “we’ve” done, but it couldn’t have been done without GrowinGreen’s services. I’ve recommended them without reservation to anyone who has asked. My only regret is that we’re moving out of state and can only hope to find such an honest, quality company!” – G. Hurst – Winston-Salem NC     May 2014

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