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GrowinGreen Recognizes National Pet Day - National Pet Day was April 11th. Our pets are very important to our family as are yours.  Personally, we believe in adopting rescued or abandoned pets. One thing that we are very careful about is the safety of the products that GrowinGreen uses on our own yards as well as yours. Safety is our absolute […]
GrowinGreen’s Seven Steps To a Beautiful Lawn - It is that time of year to start thinking about your lawn care program. I realize that it is only February but the sooner you get started, the better the overall outcome will be. At GrowinGreen, we offer a seven application program throughout the year for both warm season and cool season grass. Today, I […]
Seeding Time Is Here! - We have been pretty lucky this year with a fairly wet summer. Our lawns have looked amazing with little to no irrigation needed! However, that does not mean that you want to skip on seeding your lawn this fall. It is important to seed your lawn so that it remains healthy and green throughout the year […]
Pollinators Are Necessary For The Planet - Recently, my family was visiting upstate NY when we were approached by some college students who were going to ‘Save The Bees’. As a company, we absolutely care about our pollinator population. So, as I listened to what these students had to say, I decided that I needed to inform our readers about pollinators because […]
Growing a Field of Dreams for The Piedmont School - The Piedmont School is a private school in High Point that caters to children with ADHD as well as other learning challenges. They offer a very intimate learning environment which allows them to cater to each child’s individual learning needs. They have a small field that they use for soccer, football, PE and all other […]
Treat for Grubs to Prevent Beetles - Have you ever been in your yard in the middle of summer as beetles are flying out of the ground? You hear the buzzing and notice them flying and darting just above the grass line. Unfortunately, we get calls from people when they notice the beetles, but the time to prevent them is right now […]
Brown Patch in Triad Lawns - Brown patch is a fungus that we run into every single summer. All summer long, the weather forecast seems to be, ‘hot, humid with a chance of rain’. Well, this constant ‘wet’ forecast is conducive for fungus to grow and and thrive in! The most commonly grown and most tolerant year-round grass type in the […]
Service And Giving Back To Our Community - For the past several years, GrowinGreen has celebrated Earth Day by giving back to the earth and/or our community by celebrating with our annual Day of Service. This year, like the last two years, we spent our Day of Service at the Victory Junction Gang Camp in Randleman. Victory Junction is a camp for children […]
Zika Virus Mosquito Control - I think that everybody has heard about the Zika Virus! It seems like you can not turn on the news without hearing the latest statistics of the spread of Zika! Now that there have been more cases reported in the United States, it is time that we do our part to prevent the spread of […]
Spring Lawncare Tips - Spring is finally upon us! That means that we will be using our lush, green lawns for relaxing, family fun, cookouts and entertaining! At GrowinGreen, we value our customer’s, our environment and our neighbors who may do their own lawncare, as well as those that have someone else taking care of it for them. I […]

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