Archive | November, 2015

Get Started in Composting

As Tommy mentioned many times, compost and compost tea help plants grow. Here’s some basic information to help you get started in composting. According to the EPA, 20-30% of what we throw away is food scraps and yard waste. These items should be composted. Doing so, keeps these materials out of landfills where they take […]

Fall Landscape Tips

As Thanksgiving approaches, our lawns are seeded, aerated, fed and shaping-up nicely for a terrific spring. It’s time to focus on our landscapes so, here’s a few fall landscape tips: Plant now. Fall is the time to plant bulbs such as, daffodils and tulips for a colorful spring landscape. It’s also a great time to […]

Turfgrass Soil Amendment Study

Tommy Cowett’s On the Lawn setting up a turfgrass soil amendment study. During fall seeding, our team uses a lot of soil amendments to improve the dense heavy clay soils in our area. These tests will help us to identify which products perform the best for the Piedmont area of NC. In preparation, we’ve marked […]