Archive | May, 2015

Yard Beautification

As the skies clear and warm weather returns, our thoughts return to yard beautification. Planting and caring for trees, shrubs and flowers can be therapeutic and the results are so satisfying to the eye and the heart. Here’s a few basics to help you optimize your efforts – Planting Early Spring:  plant deciduous trees while […]

Anyone Can Have Stripes on the Lawn

As Tommy mentioned on a recent radio show, anyone can have stripes on the lawn. The stripes you see are caused by light reflecting off the blades of grass. The grass has not been cut at a different height. It’s not a difference in the type of grass. The grass has merely been bent and […]

Mosquito: The Deadliest Animal

As Spring awakens our yards, we enjoy the various sights and sounds of the season. The rising temperatures bring blooming dogwoods, crocus, daffodil and azalea along with the return of our warm season birds. Our world transforms from winter brown to summer green. Along with this lush beauty comes an invader, a pest that has […]

It’s National Small Business Week

The Piedmont Triad is loaded with terrific small businesses who provide a variety of products and services with a passion and pride that you cannot find at the big box store or the national franchises. Now is the perfect time to give them a try – as we celebrate National Small Business Week. Local small […]