Archive | April, 2015

Romancing the Lawn

Our Agronomist, Tommy Cowett, provided this article – “Romancing the Lawn”. We’re proud to share it with our readers. We are living in a re-evolutionary time for gardening. Getting back to the ancient ways of gardening like the Korean farming techniques from 2000 years ago. Still to this day, whole communities in Korea get together […]

Spring Cleanup of Tall Fescue Damage

We have received several calls and inquiries concerning tall fescue damage that occurred during a recent cold snap. The following article from NC State University’s Grady Miller explains the spring cleanup of tall fescue damage – Over the last several weeks we have had reports of tall fescue turf “browning out” (see photos below). We […]

What Lawns Do For Us

In celebration of National Lawn Care Month, let’s review what lawns do for us. More specifically, the role of grass. Along with trees and other plants, grass supports and enhances our environment. Here are a few of the good things that healthy grassy lawns do for us, according to the Lawn Institute: A 50’x 50′ […]