Archive | February, 2015

Trees and Shrubs – It’s Feeding Time

Our trees and shrubs provide us with seasonal color, precious shade, wildlife habitats and an overall improved home environment.  It’s our duty to provide them with the essential nutrients they need to achieve these goals. The best time to feed them is now – early Spring (preferably in February or March) before new growth begins. […]

Mowing Season – Time to Prepare

It’s that time of year again, time to prep for mowing season. While most people like to wait as long as possible before getting the mower out, mowing your grass on a high setting in late February will stimulate it to grow and start greening up. Remember your grass grows from the bottom up. This […]

The Effects of Snow on Your Lawn – Snow Mold

Winter finally arrived in the Piedmont Triad, leaving our lawns covered in a blanket of snow, sleet and a little freezing rain. The effects of snow on your lawn are usually not a problem. However as that snow thaws, a fungal disease called Snow Mold can occur. This will happen in dense areas of snow […]

It’s Time to Love Your Lawn Again

This week GrowinGreen is out the door! People ask us – what happens in the winter? Well, what winter? It seems like we just broke for Christmas and now we’re in full swing again. The field managers have spent the last week calling customers, going over accounts, cleaning their trucks, and our team has been […]